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Risk Based Lending

  • Fixed interest rates based on Members’ Fico/Beacon score
  • Use for purchases of vehicles, new or used
  • Purchase appliances, electronics, etc
  • Refinance existing debt based on collateral used to secure loan
  • Loans available to 72 months based on collateral used to secure the loan

Agriculture/Commercial Loans

This includes Annual Operating, LOC, Term, Real Estate

  • Fixed or Variable rates available
  • Term notes available

Real Estate Mortgage

  • Fixed or Variable rates available
  • Finance up to 90% of a homes’ value
  • Loans are maintained in-house (not sold on the secondary market)
  • Your only costs are what the credit unions’ actual costs are.
  • What this means to you is No Closing Costs or Points

Home Equity Line of Credit

Same options as Residential Real Estate Loans above PLUS:

  • Use the money for home improvement, vehicle purchases, or miscellaneous expenses
  • Up to 10 year term loans

Share Secured Loans

  • Fixed interest rate
  • Used for miscellaneous expenses

Christmas Loans

  • Fixed interest rate
  • Short-term loan needs to be paid back by October 31st of the next year
  • Up to a $2,000.00 loan limit on approved credit
  • Loans are available between November and December of the current year.

Revolving Credit Loans

  • Use for miscellaneous expenses
  • Cover insufficient funds in a checking account
  • $2000.00 loan limit
  • Pay down the balance and have access to those funds again right away

Personal/Unsecured Loans

  • Use for miscellaneous expenses
  • No collateral required to secure the loan
  • $2000.00 loan limit